How Not To Fall In Love

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Soumyadeb Chakraborty


In this world where getting laid is easier than getting a forehead kiss, Dan and Lily goes through a beautiful, beautiful journey of what should I call it. They didn’t say “I love you” once or a thousand times, they didn’t go out on a romantic date, neither they hugged tight or kiss their lips locked, but they loved each other more passionately than those who did. They came way more closer, and touched each other’s soul. They didn’t saw each other physically naked, but they were always caught naked emotionally by the other, even when they didn’t want to.

But love is as much spiritual as it is physical, right? Then how the hell is this an love story?

Well, let me tell you, this isn’t a love story, this is a story about love.


Chapter 1

Today is Dan’s first day in college. And he is…

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