How Not To Fall In Love: Chapter 3

Soumyadeb Chakraborty

Chapter 3

Dan, may however daring he seem, hadn’t bunked a class yet, neither in school nor in college. He had never smoked, or drank alcohols. He never danced in the rain, or drove his bike at 80mph over a highway. On the other hand, Lily was a pro in bunking, smoked, drank a few shots, and had danced almost every time rain has blessed the earth. She was more daring between the two of them, and Lily thought to welcome Dan in his gang.

While smoking or drinking was still a no-no for Dan, bunking classes was something he always wanted to do. They decided to bunk the next day of college and go to the nearby lake. They chatted all day long, laughed, bitched about the Prof they hated and, ate their favorite snacks enjoying the sunset together. They had built a bond by then.

While coming back…

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