25 Things To Do Before I Die: Part 2 ( 11-25 )

This is a list of 25 things I wanna do ( or even you!! ) before dying. If you haven’t read the previous part, go check it out first 🙂❤️

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11. Learn A New Language

Learning a new language is never easy but it’s so satisfying when you are able to converse with someone in a foreign language! I admire people who are multilingual — I’m personally fluent in Bengali, English and hindi while having functional knowledge of Sikkimese, Japanese, and French. I hope to learn a few foreign languages like Spanish, or German, in the future.

12. Spectacle The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is a “natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetically charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere” (Wikipedia). A natural phenomenon, the northern lights is a magnificent sight to behold, which is why people from all around the world travel great distances just for a chance to witness this phenomenon.

The most popular places to see them are in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, and Scotland, though it should be noted that sightings are never guaranteed due to the unpredictability of weather.

13. Dance Barefoot In The Rain

We are all used to following a “proper” conduct: to be clothed when we are out, to always wear shoes when we are outside the house, and to always use an umbrella when it’s raining (with good reason of course, so that we don’t catch a cold).

While all these make sense, how about breaking the “rules” for a change … and just walk … or even dance barefoot the next time it rains? Feel the pavement, feel the earth, and feel the wet surface against your feet. Better yet, find someone to do this with you. Perhaps it will make you feel like a child again. 🙂

14. Go On Bamboo Rafting

We are surrounded by high-tech modes of transport from airplanes to automobiles, so it’s nice to kick back and return to nature with bamboo rafting. Here, you stand on a bamboo raft and navigate your way through the river, while enjoying splendid nature views.

15. Meet Someone You Only Dreamt Of Meeting

If you can meet someone, anyone, living in this world, who will you choose? There are many inspirational people whom I want to meet, but tops on my list will be Lionel Messi, Dalai Lama and PewDiePie. They are an embodiment of what it means to be a strong, successful, authentic, and inspirational person in our modern world today, all values that I strive to achieve myself.

16. Try Out Front line Jobs

We live in a service-oriented world today, with waitresses, waiters, cashiers, call center staff, and retail assistants at our beckoning. While service staff is everywhere, it’s certainly not an easy job. From unreasonable customers to weird customers, there are all kind of people in this world!

Yet, customer service can be fun and rewarding. I’m listing this down as a bucket list idea to consider because not only is it a tremendous personal growth experience, it puts you right at the intersection of people contact — where you interact with people face-to-face (or voice-to-voice if you’re in a call center) and have the power to impact them and change their lives. Consider doing this, even if for a short duration — and you may find yourself a changed person after that.

17. Learn Sign Language

Sign language is a language that uses body language (as opposed to verbal communication) to convey messages. Did you know there is actually no one universal sign language? One of the greatest misconceptions about the sign language is that there is one common sign language across the world, which isn’t true. While sign languages may share similarities to each other, every country generally has its own native sign language, with some having more than one!

18. Witness A Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is an eclipse that happens when the moon passes between the sun and earth, and the moon fully or partially blocks the Sun from our view.

As you may have learned during science class, the moon orbits around the earth while the earth orbits around the sun. Technically, if the Moon were in a perfectly circular orbit and in the same orbital plane, there would be total solar eclipses every single month. However, this isn’t so as the Moon’s orbit is tilted at more than 5 degrees to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The orbital planes of the earth’s and moon’s cross each year resulting in anywhere from 2 to 5 solar eclipses occurring each year. That means 2 to 5 opportunities for us to catch this natural phenomenon!!

19. Plant A Tree And Watch It Grow

Do you know that some trees can grow up to several thousands of years old? Trees are one of the most important living beings on the planet. Not only do they clean our air by removing it of carbon dioxide — a major greenhouse gas — and provide us with oxygen (a gas we can’t live without), they cool the earth, prevent soil erosion, provide shelter from sun’s rays, and provide food.

A tree takes about 10 to 20 years to grow depending on what it is, so plant a tree now, care for it, and watch it grow together with you!

20. Create Your Dream Home

We live in our home for nearly half our life — make it two-third for those of us who work from home — so why not make it a beautiful and inspirational place that nourishes our soul? You don’t need to be a millionaire to create your dream home, for there are lots of cheap yet creative furnishing options these days (IKEA comes to mind). What you need is an expressive mind, a good eye for colors, and a well-planned budget.

21. Go Deep Into The Heart Of Mother Nature

Most of us live in a world that’s far removed from Mother Nature. In Singapore where I live, I’m surrounded by high-rise buildings, shopping malls, material goods, automobiles, and digital goods. While I’m very grateful for the advancement of the human civilization and the modern society, the world we live in (for those of us who live in modern cities) is very much different from the natural state of Mother Nature.

For your next vacation, consider a trip to get close with mother nature. Go trekking in a rainforest; camp out in the wilds; walk in a valley; visit a waterfall; or even, swim in an ocean. Feel the heartbeat of the planet that you live in. You may walk away with a renewed experience on life

22. Volunteer At A Hospice

A hospice is a place of care for the terminally ill, in their final months/week. While we can’t do anything about the patients’ condition, what we can do is to provide emotional and spiritual support to them in their last days. Consider volunteering at a hospice — not only will you change the lives of the patients and their loved ones, you may well change your life in the process too.

23. Go On A Meditation Retreat

With the urban, work-driven and material-driven culture that most of us live in today, it’s easy to get lost in the thick of things and neglect our well-being. When that happens, it helps to go on a meditation retreat to reconnect with our inner selves. I’ve been on a meditation retreat before, Vipassana Meditation, which is a 10-day free meditation retreat (it’s donation-based). During the course, I did a deep dive into meditation — think continuous, nearly non-stop meditation from 4:30am to 9pm every day for 10 consecutive days!! I got to sit still and listen to my deepest inner thoughts, which apparently had been inside me all this while, just that I didn’t know about them.

24. Tell your parents and siblings that you love them

None of us chose the families we were born into but this doesn’t change the fact that we love each other. From being with us when we took our first step as a baby; to our first day at school; to going through puberty; to our graduation day; to our wedding day, our families have always been silently working behind the scenes to help us get through our lives in one piece.

Given that our families have always been there for us, it’s always easy to take their presence for granted. How many of us have neglected our family for work before? I know I have — and that’s because my thinking is, Work is urgent, but family will always be there tomorrow. After all, they’ve always been there — what’s to say that I can’t just spend time with them this weekend rather than today?

But that is precisely the wrong kind of thinking — a thinking that takes things for granted. Life is short — you will never know when things disappear, for the most unexpected reasons. No matter how busy you are, always make sure to set time for family every day. Drop your family a call just to say you love them (you’ll really surprise them). Give your mom and dad a peck on the cheek before you leave for work. Let them know that no matter how busy you are, family will always comes first to you.

25. Seek Enlightenment

If the purpose of living is to become a conscious human, then the ultimate aim of life is to achieve enlightenment. Enlightenment can seem like an abstract concept for those who are new to the idea of “consciousness,” but essentially enlightenment is the highest state of human consciousness.

That said, I don’t think enlightenment is an end goal per se, but rather a state to strive for in our everyday life. For example, say you just argued with your partner, and both of you are having a “cold war.” What is a more enlightened way to handle this situation: to ignore he/she gives in to you, or to be the better man/woman and break the ice first? It’s by undertaking these little actions that may seem to betray our ego but are in line with our highest selves that we evolve as humans and truly live the enlightened way.

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Poetry of the Unloved: Au Revoir

I’m a lonely teenager, who doesn’t have much friends, doesn’t like to go out much, and gets used by others a lot. I’m someone whom people doesn’t even give a damn about even if I didn’t come online for a week. I’m someone who cares a lot, but no one cares for me. I’m someone who loves people unconditionally, but no one loves me. Anyways, this post wasn’t for whining about a lonely loser. This post stages my poem, about someone I dearly loved, few years ago. In case you don’t know, au revoir means good bye in French. Okay, no more trash talk. Here it is.

Au Revoir

Au Revoir, sweet little girl.

It’s pouring heavily, just like my love

For you, but its silent, and secret.

It’s hidden in my smile, my tears,

My eyes, and my words.

Though you’ll never know,

My love is unfathomable to you.

My love finds sunshine in night sky.

Finds virtue in the hell.

Finds lust in your lips,

And bliss in your bosom.

But you’ll never know

Any of these.

As I never found

Heart beneath in your bust,

And soul in your eyes.


Au revoir, little girl.

– Soumyadeb ❤️