Poetry of the Unloved: Au Revoir

I’m a lonely teenager, who doesn’t have much friends, doesn’t like to go out much, and gets used by others a lot. I’m someone whom people doesn’t even give a damn about even if I didn’t come online for a week. I’m someone who cares a lot, but no one cares for me. I’m someone who loves people unconditionally, but no one loves me. Anyways, this post wasn’t for whining about a lonely loser. This post stages my poem, about someone I dearly loved, few years ago. In case you don’t know, au revoir means good bye in French. Okay, no more trash talk. Here it is.

Au Revoir

Au Revoir, sweet little girl.

It’s pouring heavily, just like my love

For you, but its silent, and secret.

It’s hidden in my smile, my tears,

My eyes, and my words.

Though you’ll never know,

My love is unfathomable to you.

My love finds sunshine in night sky.

Finds virtue in the hell.

Finds lust in your lips,

And bliss in your bosom.

But you’ll never know

Any of these.

As I never found

Heart beneath in your bust,

And soul in your eyes.


Au revoir, little girl.

– Soumyadeb ❤️